Weekly News Magazines: Long Live the Queen, August, 2017

From Lokwannee, August 12-18, 2017
Main cover reads: Damn shit? [small on the left] Damn shit… then why are you still staying here? [small on the right] Can’t go… as are on the blacklist

[“Damn shit” refers to the phrase teen singer Suthita Image Chanachaisuwan used on Twitter to express her anger over the country’s infrastructure and management. Due to this, she said she did not want to stay in the country anymore.
Many Thais blamed her and told her to get out of the country. Others supported her saying she admitted facts that could help improve the country.
On the cover, the coconut shell refers to what anti-junta groups called Kalaland–the land of people who support the junta. Kala means coconut shell and saying someone lives inside a coconut shell means that those people think they know everything but actually they know nothing as their world is limited (in the shell).
The cover, as all covers from this pro-Thaksin and Red Shirt publication, is a sort of editorial cartoon. It takes the phrase from Suthita and relates it to running of the country by the junta.
“Can’t go… as are on the blacklist” likely refers to PM Prayuth who Thaksin supporters like to characterize as a pariah leader internationally who is not invited on state trips by other countries.]

From Matichon Weekly, August 11-17, 2017
Main cover reads: Uncle Tu Fighting Fighting
[Refers to PM Prayuth’s announcement of his visit to the US at the invitation of US President Donald Trump in October. After the coup, the PM was not often invited to visit many countries as they consider him an illegitimate military leader.
PM Prayuth’s nickname is “Tu” and the trip seems to indicate that Thailand’s junta is not being freezed out of world political circles.]

Top right: The NACC is in the mid of buffalo’s horns. PAD-UDD appeal on the crackdown of the ‘Yellow-Red’
[Refers to the situation of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) which is now facing calls for justice from the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), known as the Yellow Shirts, over the case of the 2008 crackdown. Also the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), known as the Red Shirts, are demanding answers over the snipers who killed protesting member sin a temple in 2010.
“Stay amid the buffalo’s horns” is an idiom meaning to stay in the middle of a conflict.]

From Manager Weekly, August 11-17, 2017
Main cover reads: Love Mom [small] “…I know you love and care about me. I’ll fight hard without any doubt. I will behavior well in return to your trustworthiness. I will love Thailand and redeem the Chakri Dynasty. I will love a woman who understand my Mom. And I’ll adhere to Buddhism. I will pray respects to the Buddha. And I’ll love Thai people forever….” [very small paragraph] This poet was written by HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun for HM Queen Sirikit on her birthday on Aug 12, 2515 [or 1972 in English]

[The main cover shows a vintage photo of HM Queen Sirikit (of King Rama IX) and HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun
This cover eefers to 85th birthday anniversary of HM Queen Sirikit (of King Rama IX) on August 12. The poem illustrates the love of King Rama X toward his mother and his promise to follow his parent’s path of helping Thai people.]

From Siam Rath Weekly Review, August 11-17, 2017
Main cover reads: Long Live the Queen [black] Siam Rath [grey] Weekly Review
[Refers to the cerebration of HM Queen Sirikit of King Rama IX’s 85th birthday anniversary on Aug 12.]

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