Weekly News Magazine, April 20, 2012

From Nation Weekly, April 20, 2012
The cover reads: Let it be. I do not care.
[Buakaw P. Pramuk is a Thai fighter who has recently lost his desire to fight after quarreling with his trainer and others. Here he declares that even though he is still under the contact with the P. Pramuk Boxing Camp, he did not care. The “Let It Be” refers to the Thaksin pronouncements in Laos and Cambodia to his supporters that they should be willing to drop legal cases related to the last few years of political strife (so he would be able to return to Thailand).]

From Siamrath, April 20, 2012
The cover reads: M.R. Kukrit Pramoj would be 101 years old if still alive
[MOM Rajawongse (M.R.) Kukrit Pramoj was born on April 20th, 1911 into an aristocratic family. He was mentioned here because he was a founder of Siamrath and this month is the 101 anniversary of his birth.]

From Matichon Weekend, April 20, 2012
The cover reads: Let Poo be!
[During Songkran, PM Yingluck (Poo) went back to Chiang Mai. Meanwhile, a former PM Thaksin went to Cambodia to address Red Shirts and other loyalists. At the end he sang the song “Let It Be” which was thought to imply everyone should forgive and forget for reconciliation in Thai politics. Since that time “Let It Be” has been frequently employed in Thai media headlines and editorial cartoons.]

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