Weekly News Magazines, June 16, 2012

From Matichon Weekend, June 16, 2012
The cover reads: Step back again and again
[Article summary: The former Prime Minister Thaksin has to take the first step back from reconciliation bills and a second step back from the charter amendment bill. He was unwilling to do it, but he has to move back in order to make sure that the government is still stable. No one knows how far he can move back from his objective.]

From Nation Weekly, June 16, 2012
The cover reads: No blank television screens forever
[Article summary: If a subscriber has 5 receiver boxes at home, consisting of True Visions, IPM, PSI, GMM Z and Sunbox, then their television screen will never go black and can enjoy all programs. This refers to the blanking out of Euro 2012 matches on TrueVisions cable TV]

From Siamrath, June 16, 2012
The cover reads: The Pheu Thai Party is scared of ‘Prime Minister Article 7’
[Article summary: As a consequence of a negativity and conflict around the charter amendment and reconciliation bills, there was a rumor that if MPs of the Pheu Thai Party and the Red Shirts are still pushing and fighting to pass those bills then it is more likely to bring the country into bloodshed. If this is the case then Article 7 will be called upon. It states that “Whenever no provision of this Constitution is applicable to any case, it shall be decided in accordance with the Constitutional practice in democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State.” So, unsurprisingly that Pheu Thai party is afraid of this Article because it will require monarchical intervention to kick start a new round of new elections if the Pheu Thai keeps pushing for Thaksin amnesty despite the turmoil it seems to create.]

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