Thai Weekly Magazines, May 22-29, 2015


From Nation Weekend, 22 May 2015
Main cover reads: Koon – An ordinary monk who touched peoples’ hearts
[Refers to Luang Phor Koon, a revered abbot who passed away at the age of 92 years old on 16 May 2015. Luang Phor Koon came from a farming family. Although he had a number of friends, including famous politicians, he still maintained a simple monk’s life.]


From Manager Weekly, May 23-29, 2015
Main cover reads: I give it to you
White box: Follows: A gadfly and Mites of Ban Rai temple… page 8
Orange box: Luang Phor Koon’s most famous amulet
[Refers to one of Luang Phor Koon’s famous phrases. This one is also used as the name of his amulets.]


From Matichon Weekly, May 22-28, 2015
Main cover reads: The more you take, the less you gain. The more you give, the most you receive.
[Refers to one of Luang Phor Koon’s famous quotes.]

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