Weekly News Magazines, June 12-19, 2015

nationweekend_12 June

From Nation Weekend, 12 June 2015
Main cover reads:  Stay longer

[PM Prayuth recently said that he would willing to delay the national election in order to complete the reform process. He also agreed to stay in power for two more year if the public wants it.]

manager13-19 june

From Manager Weekly 13-19 June 2015
Main cover reads: If staying in the power more years, don’t forget to ‘strip the rank.’

[Recently, PM Prayuth said that he would be in power two years if people demand it. On the cover, it also calls for the PM to strip Thaksin’s political rank after the government revoked all of Thaksin’s passport.]

matichon12-18 june

From Matichon Weekly, 12-18 July 2015
Main cover reads:  Open KALA Referendum

[In Thai, kala is a coconut’s shell. This means to crack open the draft constitution process to allow the public a referendum on the charter.]

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