We will fight to bring Weng home

From Manager, December 18, 2010
The words signs read: We will fight to bring Thaksin home.
Red Shirt leader Thida, standing in the center, holds a sign that reads: We will fight to bring Weng home [referring to Thida Thavornseth's husband Dr. Weng Tojirakarn, a detained Red Shirt leader]
Thida says: What!!!?...Am I doing the wrong thing?

[This points up the unclear and conflicted nature of the Red Shirt movement at present. What does the appointment of Thida really mean for the movement? Is it a hint of moderation? Does the appointment move the group closer to Thaksin's goals or does it concentrate it on more pragmatic goals like the release of Red Shirt leaders who are otherwise pawns in the election campaigns of Thaksin and his Pheu Thai?]
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