We want slow justice!


From Thairath, September 16, 2016
Left: Politicians are opposing the ECT [Election Commission of Thailand] regarding the election corruption case if the ECT is the one who judges the case. We prefer to have the Supreme Court make the judgement!
Middle: Do you think you can escape if the court makes the judgement?
We don’t think we can escape…
Right: …but we hope that the Supreme Court decision would be [delayed] more than 10 years and that we can get elected and go into Parliament to get our money back a few times.

[Political parties tend to oppose the Election Commission of Thailand ruling on corruption cases. This is because their verdict would be swift and such a body represents the dreaded independent organization with oversight of the elected. Dismantling such organizations was a priority of Thaksin’s Thai Rak Thai party in the early 2000s.
If such cases are left to Thailand’s courts, such verdicts can be drawn out almost indefinitely based on which political group holds power. This is done with endless legal diversions and delays as well as influence peddling which the Thai system specializes in.
The reference to “get our money back a few times” refers to Thai perceptions of democracy. It is thought that only people who have obligations to others run for office and their goal is to pay themselves back and bring financial benefits to their allies. Thus, the corrupt do not want allegations of them promptly ruled on so they have time to recoup more money in the meantime.
The depiction of the politians as wild animals refers to the Thai saying about “tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros.”]

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