We oppose the vaccine plan, but please inject me now

From Manager April 19, 2021
Caption: Fortune favors the bold party
People commenting on the Move Forward Party decision to be vaccinated: Oppose… oppose… oppose, but inject first?; Your party once said… you won’t grab it from the people?; Hey… criticize it, but why inject it?
Man in the far distance: Shameless
Man with glasses at the bottom right: Close your ears firmly.

[Refers to MPs from the Move Forward Party announcing their plan to accept COVID-19 vaccinations provided by the government. According to them, they took the action in order to encourage people to get the vaccine.

The new party stance has been criticized. The party, led by Thanathorn, made attacking the government’s vaccine plan, and especially questioning the quality of the vaccine, a bold public position, even risking lese majeste charges. The cartoonist mocks this initial position compared with their flip-flop to decide to accept government vacinnes and urge others to also.]

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