We need to be more like Singapore

From Manager, May 1, 2017
At left is Singapore’s leader Lee Hsien Loong.
Man: We must make a mirror like Singapore. Their mirror reflects the cleaner politicians…
Caption: So… the mirror has the problem?

[This cartoon compares Singaporean politicians and Thai politicians. Singapore is lauded as the least corrupt country in Asia–a reality which Thais see as the opposite of their own country. Thais have constantly referred to Singapore as a model and goal of Thai politics and business. The mirror symbolizes the media which reflects the state of the nation and its politics.

The junta’s solution is to fix the mirror (i.e. the media) because of how it exposes the real nature of Thailand. The junta blames the media for creating division in the country and creating a negative view of the government. The cartoonist contends that Singaporean politics is actually clean and Thai politics is actually dirty. The mirror is not at fault.

More about the Thai fascination with Singapore: Do all Thai roads lead to Singapore?]

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