Two similar cartoons: We need “Black Foot!”

From Manager, February 28, 2017
Caption: Needs of each side

[Refers to the attempt to arrest Dhammakaya’s abbot Dhammachayo. Dhammakaya’s monks have called for food as officers have blockaded the temple and claimed that Dhammachayo is ill and his foot has turned black. The authorities have responded for Dhammachayo to be surrendered. Thus, the authorities are demanded that “Black Foot” be handed over.]

From Manager, March 3, 2017
Title: Each side… each request
On the monk’s banner: We need food [in English]
On the officer’s flag: We need Dhammachayo.
On the fences: Hunger strike. Stop Article 44 [the junta’s absolute power]
Phi Nooring: Arrest the monks or take control the temple
Mouse: Make the monks have trouble

[Refers to the attempt to arrest Dhammakaya’s abbot Dhammachayo. This expresses sympathy for the monks and blames the military for using absolute power to attack the sect.]

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