We moved to Terminal 21
เราย้ายไปที่ เทอมินอล 21

From Manager, December 16, 2011
Upper left: We moved to Terminal 21 for a long time to get away from the water. It feels like home again now that we’re back at SCB Park, Dr. Vichit.
Upper right: Yes, Khun Kannikar, it helps reduce our employees’ expenses too.
Lower left: Kannika says: Did our employees have to pay more for transportation to get there? Vichit says: No.
Lower right: Their shopping expenses. Who can restrain themselves in Terminal 21? They shopped until their pockets were torn.
[Terminal 21 is one of the newer megamalls at Asoke intersection, with a bridge direct to Asoke Skytrain Station and maybe inside access to the subway. Here’s their website.]

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เราย้ายไปที่ เทอมินอล 21

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