We Hope Prayuth Shames the Nation

From Manager, October 1, 2015
Left: Piang!… Wishing her not to do anything to bring shame to the country.
Caption: When Yingluck went to meetings abroad.
[In Thai, “piang” is like “abracadabra.” The people are People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) members led by Suthep, praying in the middle. On the left is Sathit Wongnongtoey and on the right is Thaworn Seniam.

Right: Piang!… Wishing him to do something to bring shame to the country.
Caption: When Prayuth goes…
[The people are Red Shirt leaders–Jatuporn, in the middle, Nattawut at left, and at right Thida.
Former PM Yingluck was frequently criticized by detractors for her overseas gaffes, such as incorrect reading or speaking.
Recently, Red Shirts likewise spent much effort contending that PM Pryauth had embarrassed himself and the nation after his appearance at the U.N.]

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