We had no choice: Prayuth causes bombs

From Thairath, August 7, 2019
Title: Words stops the bombs [meaning Prayuth only keeps speaking instead of really dealing with all these issues]
On the bombs left to right: Succeeding the power [meaning the coup generals are still holding power]; dominate power; economic problems; recite the full oath of office [referring to curiously truncated oath of office the PM took where he omitted that he would follow the constitution]; government officer [Critics charge that, according to the constitution, Prayuth and other military men cannot have a government jobs (being in the military or serving as bureaucrats in the old junta government) and participate in politics.]; revise the constitution; bombs
Phi Nooring: Violate the constitution
Mouse: Pretend like not doing any wrong

[The title of the cartoon implies that PM Prayuth only speaks instead of really dealing with all the injustice of his government and its hold on power.
Having these problems and injustices represented as bombs also alludes to the recent spate of bombs in Bangkok.
Prayuth is facing several problems and pressures, both from within his coalition and from the opposition.
As a seeming crescendo to these problems, a wave of bombs was set off to embarrass the government. This is a nearly identical set of circumstances to the 2006 Bangkok bombings that was intended to discredit the then faltering post-coup government.
Despite initial coy pronouncements that the bombs were due to Thailand’s troubles in its restive Deep South provinces, it was clear from the beginning that the bombings–their timing and form–were likely political in nature.
This cartoon illustrates a very Thai attitude that PM Prayuth, by virtue of his seizure and continuing hold on power, has created a situation where his government’s legitimacy is being shaken by bombs and arson. Behind this is the idea that those who placed the bombs due to their “dissatisfaction” with the state of politics were justified or even forced to do so because of Prayuth’s ongoing actions.]

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