We Are More Ethical!

From Thairath, February 10, 2013
Caption:  Clearly shown and open
A man mouse: Anti-corruption
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Management with transparency
On the man in the center: Transport [Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt]
His coat: (Left-right) Examine, moral, ethics, project, invest and public sector
Men: (Left-right) Anti-Corruption Network (ACN), observer, private sector and government officer
[Refers to cooperation between Transport Minister and the ACN on anti-corruption. The Ministry is planning to request all bidders, both public and private sectors, to sign an ethnics agreement unless they will not be allowed to participate in the ministry’s projects. Besides, Chadchart vows to build a transparency in all ministry’s works. All this has apparently been rolled out by the government to coincide with the Bangkok Governor election to insist the Pheu Thai has higher ethics than the Democrats.]

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