Way out of line, bro…

From Thairath, April 21, 2013
Cartoon title: Way out of line, bro…
Top left: Shot is for being drunk and throwing up in a taxi. [A taxi driver beat up his passenger who threw up in his taxi before shooting the young man who was left seriously injured on the street.]
Top middle: The latest Songkran fashion [referring to increasing reports of nudity and bikini wearing during Songkran]
Top right: Sign reads: Olde recipe noodle
A bowl of noodle with Ya Ba for baht 300 [A noodle vendor in Satta Hib, Cholburi province was arrested for selling drugs (ya ba) using his noodle stand as a cover up.]
Bottom left: Bull elephants in musth killing each other for a female elephant [A bull elephant in an elephant pen in Satta Hib, Cholburi province was killed by another bull elephant who was in musth.]
Bottom middle: Those who refuse to lose a bit of land to Cambodia are nationalists.
Bottom right: On tree trunk: Legal state
A bill to give an amnesty to the convicted is in such a hurry that it must make a cut in the queue. [refers to government efforts to expedite amnesty bills]

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