Wattana needs new shoes

From Manager, May 15, 2017
Watana: My shoes are too old now… it’s time to get the new ones.
On his shirt: I don’t accept the draft constitution. Wattana Muangsook
Caption: An inspiration bring Wattana to always critise the junta.

[Refers to former Pheu Thai Party member Watana Muangsook who has consistently criticized the junta. Recently, he called on the junta pass power to a caretaker government after the draft constitution was approved.
The joke is that, as a die-hard Thaksin loyalist, Watana is criticized for his statements that only seem to be made to ultimately benefits Thaksin’s aims.
Thus, metaphorical shoes come at him when he makes these statements and this provides new shoes for him when he needs them.]

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