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From Komchadluek, October 11, 2012
Woman: I think Gaeme is scary. Listening to the Prime Minister talking about the G-to-G [government to government] rice trade is even scarier.

[Meaning many people feel the government is lying about already making deals to sell expensive rice directly to other governments.]

From Manager, October 11, 2012
Woman: Why stripping Abhisit of his military ranking!! ……. What has he done?
Man: He didn’t strip Thaksin of his rank while he was prime minister.

[Meaning that Abhisit is in trouble now because he did not decisively eliminate Thaksin influence while in power. Now that Thaksin has returned to dominance, the power of government are being used against Thaksin’s political enemies.
The stripping of military rank refers to Defense Minister, ACM Sukumpol Suwanatat’s attempt to strip the opposition Democrat Party leader, Abhisit Vejjachiva, of his military rank, accusing him of using fake documents to endorse his service in the military.]

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