From an image circulating on social media: Convicting the rice pledging scheme’s corruption is not easy. Watch a croc lying across the canal. [meaning somebody with ill intention who does something to obstruct an act of other people]
On the crocodile: Attorney General; Above the crocodile’s tail: The croc lying across the canal
The chart, starting from the purple spot:
In the purple spot: NAC [National Anti-corruption Commission]; Resolved to indict; the G-to-G corruption case; Yingluck against the Section 157 case
On purple arrow: Submitted to the attorney general; delay the case claiming that the information is incomplete
Red stripe: Attorney and NAC co-working team; no time limit
Green arrow from red stripe to purple spot: Attorney refuses to indict
Grey arrow pointing red spot: Both parties resolve to indict the case
On green arrow pointing to red spot: NAC appoints lawyers to file a lawsuit
On red spot: Supreme Court
On the stripe under the crocodile (brownish to represent the canal the crocodile is blocking): Attorney General indicts the case (very slim chance)
Symbol of dog at bottom right corner: Watch dog

[This demonstrates the frustration some feel with the lack of an indictment of former PM Yingluck over the rice pledging case. It also shows the assumption that the resolution fo the case is being intentionally blocked.]

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