Watch out for the U.S.


From Komchadluek, May 16, 2016
Uncle Sam: Violate. Violate the rights. Violate the rights. [meaning he is complaining about Thailand violating its citizen’s rights]
On the man’s suit: Lobbyist.
On paper: Drama script.
[This speaks to a widespread belief that the US is purposely attempting to undermine the junta and bring back Thaksin for a variety of conspiratorial reasons. This belief stems from Thai assumption that the U.S. knows that the junta’s actions are only intended to check the actions of Thaksin, who is viewed as the most undemocratic of leaders. For the U.S. to criticize the junta (as well as call for quick elections) means that the U.S. wants Thaksin to return to power.]


From Naewna, May 16, 2016
Above the BBQ: Problem of violating human rights.
Caption: Vulture is waiting…
Behind the vulture is Thaksin.

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