Washing away past words

From Manager, June 5, 2018
Left: Why is Kamnan crying?
Right: Ooh…
On the wall: “I won’t establish a political party”

[Refers to Suthep Thaugsuban (pictured), one of the leaders of the People’s Democrat Reform Committee (PDRC). Suthep is often nicknamed “Kamnan” which refers to his post of village headman which was one of his first political roles.
After protests by the group led to a coup that overthrew the Pheu Thai-led government, Suthep promised not to return to the politics. This sort of promise is usually made to indicate that the intentions of the protest leader are not to get into political power himself.
However, Suthep broke his promise and joined the Action Coalition of Thailand (ACT) Party.
In the case of Suthep, he cried publicly to indicate the difficult choice to break his promise and reenter politics. These are seen as fake tears and part of his political game often referenced as the Thai proverb “crocodile’s tears” meaning that someone pretends to cry to show others of their difficult situation.
Pictures of Suthep crying as he announced his plan were on all the front pages of newspapers.
This cartoon ridicules Suthep as not really regretting breaking his promise. Instead, he uses his tears to scrub away what he said before about not entering politics.]

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