Waiting for the tram to start


From Arun, May 22, 2015
On the right corner: Digital TV
On the light blue: NBTC will collect the money for the 2nd installment of the license fee
Above the train: Fare for the second installment! Fare for second installment! [This is the ticket taker collecting the fare from the passengers.]
On sign at right: Digital TV
[Refers to the digital TV market. Many media companies that rushed to join the digital TV business are now facing huge losses. Thai TV Company is an example of a company that failed to pay the second installment of the license fee to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).
In this keenly observed cartoon, the advent of digital TV in Thailand is compared to the old Bangkok trams, many of which sit languishing in vacant lots. Note the dog and its babies resting under the front of the tram.]

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2 Responses to Waiting for the tram to start

  1. Wiz says:

    Jeh Tim TV pool keeps blaming NBTC despite of the shortcomings of her own men and women to run Thai TV and Loca TV – to be fair, those NBTC who are dealing with Digital TV license are caring more for the gain from bidding so they are out of touch with the reality of Digital TV as their regulations have implied – However, it is the pure greed of those bidders who are fighting for more than 1 channel that come to undo their business. Even many digital TV are trying to compete with differences but this will make them not so different from Satellite TV channels which already have strong fan bases. So, there are so few watchers, and advertising money cannot come, esp the hard time.

    NBTC and bidders have failed to read the TV markets thoroughly as they have forgotten the fact that even TV addicts can watch only top 5 TV – HBO for imported movie, Channel 3 for generic …. or alternative channels – Digital TV should not be more than 10 – 3 for TV news the rest is variety – Those with already fan bases in cable and satellite TV would reluctant to watch Digital TV – not need to exchange for top boxes at all .. remember the case of Hormone the series .. watchers will follow the content rather than the platform. Even those from Satellite TV who bid for Digital TV will soon to learn the fatal mistake on bidding for Digital TV with heavy concession payment and admin.


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