Waiting for a miracle to operate on arms and legs

From Thairath, April 17, 2019
Title: Waiting for a miracle to operate on arms and legs
On the sign: Waiting seats for the prospective MPs
EC member: Using a miracle mathematics
Paper held by EC member: Waiting for clarification from the constitution
Across the three men’s shirts at bottom: Succession of power [meaning they are attmepting to help the junta hold on to power]
On the arms and legs: Reduce party-list MPs from the big party
Phi Nooring: Don’t violate the constitution
Mouse: We want justice.

[Refers to the Election Commission (EC) of Thailand that seems to be struggling to allocate party list seats under the new charter. It is suspected that they have been pressured to make sure junta-connected parties get more seats and Thaksin-aligned parties will get less.
The body parts are meant to show that the new charter will give seats to parties that did not win any seats directly, but did win some votes. All of this is meant to reduce the power of big parties that won seats outright–like the Pheu Thai Party.
The EC petitioned the Constitution Court to clarify how to calculate and allocate the party-list MP seats. Some are afraid this may help pro-junta parties to win an form the government.]

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