A PAD pamphlet

The pamphlet reads:
Stop! the movement to create the New Thai State
Stop! the movement to overthrow the monarchy
Stop! the injustice
Stop! the corruption
Stop! the wicked politicians
[next outlines the results of voting for Democrat or Pheu Thai]
[If] Vote… [the silhouette is of Abhisit] (get) Joraka [refers to Suthep Tuaksuban] (plus) Hoy [Newin Chidchob, Newin’s grouping has been aprt of the government coaltion since breaking with Thaksin in late 2008, but has always been regarded by the PAD as being as bad as Thaksin]
[If] Vote… [the silhouette is of Yingluck] (get) lese majeste (plus) city burning 

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