Voice TV and an Exploding Head

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

The sign reads: Voice TV – The station that wakes up ideas [this is the Thaksin-funded television network]

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5 Responses to Voice TV and an Exploding Head

  1. Wisarut says:

    I wanna Puke to see Ai Pluem (the one with a pair of catfish eyes) – AKA UDD Prince

  2. marc says:

    wonder why this cleva man, has such a twisted mind. How can he join such a corrupt political machine?

  3. panithan says:

    I know for many years already that 2Bangkok is a yellow supporter.
    No wonder those who post messages here are also pro-yellow but now they
    have no mass supporters since Sonthi quarelled with Somsak Kosaisuk.

  4. mm says:

    So far I have detected that Wisarut has a few yellow tendencies, but Panithan doesn’t. My guess is that most 2b readers are far from being either red or yellow supporters. This a site that people mostly read. On any given day, there are few comments other than Wisarut. The majority are probably cowed by his patriotic fervour & extremism, or feel it is not their country to comment on. Panitan assumes too much from reading the comments of just ONE person, while Wisarut fails to realise that his propaganda is about as good as useless with an audience that owes no sub-concious knee-jerk allegiance to either set of flag-waving scallywags.

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