Voice of Thaksin Editor Arrested

Above: From Voice of Taksin, September 16-30, 2009
The headlines on the cover read: 3 years of the coup of the influential – Bomb the aristocrats – DESTROY [slay] aristocrats [a grenade is in front of the seal of the Democrat Party] – Da Torpedo, prison of the lese majeste… final, but not last – Victim of Songkran bloodshed contacts police to file charges against Abhisit

Voice of Thaksin editor arrested – The Nation, April 30, 2011
The editor of the Voice of Thaksin magazine was arrested by the Department of Special Investigation Saturday on charge of taking part in the conspiracy to topple the monarchy…

New: Threats, Death, Chaos – Red Power, April, 2011
Examples of the Red Shirt publications

Earlier: This is not the first time Somyot has been arrested:
Interview with freed red sympathizerBangkok Post, June 15, 2010
[Calling Somyot Prueksakasemsuk a "sympathizer" is perhaps too kind. For nearly a year he ran a magazine that used bloody images to threaten the prime minister, insinuate that judges who rule against Thaksin be assassinated, champion the use of grenades (here and here) and molotov cocktails, and encourage people to "bomb" and "slay" aristocrats.]
…The market is the Thaksin fans. Red News has more than 30,000 sales while Voice of Thaksin has 20,000 copies, both bi-weekly.
I don’t have to receive money from Thaksin. I  was also against him when he was the prime minister, check my background.
Authorities, more or less, followed the debates in the news, questioning the motives of certain editions such as “Jack Queen King” (cards), “Taksin return”, and the fall of the Nepalese and French monarchies

Thai gov’t bans publishing of 4 pro-Thaksin printsXinhua, May 26, 2010
Suthep vows to close new red-shirt magazine again if it attacks nation, monarchyThe Nation, April 29, 2010

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  1. David Brown says:

    perhaps he was trying to balance the vitriol spewed by Sondhi Lim and his ASTV/Manager?

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