Statistics on the violent situation in 2008

Statistics on the violent situation in 2008 - 546 died - 1,056 attacks - The reduction of violent attack revealed almost half of the previous year's 2007 record - Raman reportedly hit most by militant attacks - translated and summarized from Issara News Center; Column: Southern News; Author: Sumeth Panpetch, January 20, 2009

The record of the death toll since the gun robbery at Narathiwat military camp on January 4, 2004 to December 31, 2008 reaches 3,405.
There is a total of 1,056 violent incidents that occurred during the year 2008 with death toll of 546 victims and 1,075 injuries.

There are 120 violent incidents that occurred in January with 68 death and 127 injury victims.
78 events occurred in February with accumulated death toll of 41 and injury toll of 64.
In March, there are 81 incidents with 48 deaths and 77 injuries on toll.
In April there are 97 violent incidents with 51 deaths and 77 injuries on the monthly toll record. There are 99 incidents occurred in May with 35 deaths and 91 injuries.
In June, there are 88 violent incidents with 59 death and 81 injuries.
76 violent incidents took place in July with reportedly 41 deaths and 81 injuries on toll.
96 incidents took place in August with 34 death and 128 injuries.
94 incidents took place in September with 55 deaths and 82 injuries.
In October 56 incidents occurred with 34 deaths and 49 injuries.
There are 87 incidents occurred in November with 38 deaths and 118 injuries.
Following with 42 deaths and 100 injuries in the 84 attacks that took place in December.
Above: The blue reveals the numbers of violent incidents that occurred from January to December of the year 2008 (from left to right). The purple reveals the death toll and the white shows injuries.

There were the total of 1,992 violent attacks that occurred in the year 2007 which refers to the dropping number of violent incidents in the year 2008 at about half of the previous year’s record. (the drop of 936 events). The number of deaths in the year 2008 drops from the record of deaths in 866 in 2007 by one-third or equal to 320 events.

Regarding the violent attacks in 2008, classified by numbers in each district of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla (from higher to lower).
Pattani province reports 70 attacks in the Yarang district, 54 attacks in Saiburi, 43 attacks in Nong Chick, 40 attacks in the Kok Poh district, 34 attacks in the Yaring district, 30 attacks in the city district, 29 in the Mayo, 22 in the Tung Yang Daeng, 17 in the Panare district, 15 in Kapoh, 13 in Maikhaen and 2 in Maelan district.
Yala reports the total of 101 violent attacks in the province, 81 of which are in the city, 61 in the Bannangsata, 46 in the Yaha, 32 in the Krongpinang, 20 in the Tantho, 6 in the Baetong and 4 in the Kabang district.
Narathiwat reports 74 violent attacks in total, 64 of which are in the Ruesoh district, 35 of which are those occurred in the Bacho, 33 of which are in the Cho-airong, 26 of which in the city, 18 of which are in the Sungaikolok, 12 apiece occurs in the Sungaipadee and the Srisakorn, 11 of which belong to the Takbai, 5 of which belong to the Yee-ngo district, 4 of which occurred in the Waeng district and 2 of which occurred in the Sukirin district.
In Songkhla province, there are 6 attacks that occurred in the Sabayoi district, 4 apiece in the city and the Thepa district and 2 apiece in the Hadyai and the Nathawee district.

The province that contains the highest record of the violent attacks in the year 2008 is Yala (in Raman district) with the record of 101 incidents.
The record of violent incidents classified by the following types of events:
Shooting attacks – of the 741 events that occurred, 266 incidents are in Pattani, 256 in Yala, 204 in Narathiwat and 15 in Songkhla
Bombing attacks- there are 218 events occurred, 70 occurred in Pattani, 56 in Yala, 83 in Narathiwat and 9 in Songkhla.
Arson attacks- there are 37 incidents in total, 20 occurred in Pattani, 10 in Yala and 7 in Narathiwat.
The public asset destroying attacks- there are 35 events in total, 5 occurred in Pattani, 24 in Yala, 5 in Narathiwat and 1 in Songkhla
The tripod spike attacks [spikes left on roads to puncture tires] - there are 22 events in total, 3 in Pattani, 9 in Yala and 10 in Narathiwat.
The case of attacking locals - there are 3 incidents, 1 in Pattani and 2 apiece in Narathiwat

The victims classified by as follows:
Of 546 deaths - 74 are stated officials, 36 of which are Pattani residents, 15 are from Yala, 22 are from Narathiwat and 1 from Songkhla.
Of 422 deaths who are local residents, 151 are from Pattani, 143 from Yala, 118 are from Narathiwat and 10 form Songkhla
Of the 50 deaths who are militants, 7 are from Pattani, 27 are from Yala and 16 are from Narathiwat.
Of the 1,075 injuries, 452 are state officials (191 from Pattani, 127 from Yala, 134 from Narathiwat), 613 are local residents (187 from Pattani, 179 from Yala, 234 from Narathiwat and 13 from Songkhla), 10 are militants( 5 from Yala and 5 from Narathiwat)
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