Venerable Shrine

From ThaiRath, March 22, 2011
Left: The MPs swore faithfulness to the deity of the Parliament. Don’t they feel fearful about the result of their oath? [meaning “are they fearful of being punished after breaking their oath?”]
Middle: The Shrine says: Not fearful if the deity gives punishment to them, they will flip their tongue. [Traditionally, when a Thai wants to guarantee their truth of speech or action, they asks the deity to witness their action and say that, if they lie, the deity can punish them. The shrine says that, despite giving their word to be honest and speak honestly, the MPs might “flip” their tongue and do the opposite.]
The man says: What will they say, venerable shrine?
Right: [The MPs would say] I do not listen to you. [someone who changes their word (or is confronted with their own hypocrisy) would say that “I don’t listen to you.”]

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