The Red Shirt leaders on Seh Daeng– “a decomposed dead dog”

Utter hypocrisy – Bangkok Post, March 19, 2011
[This is about how the Red Shirt leaders hated Seh Daeng when he tried to fire them–presumably on Thaksin’s behalf–when the fear arose they agreed to the government’s offer of elections.]
…Seh Daeng, who was a dissident military officer, told reporters prior to his assassination that Thaksin Shinawatra had summoned and asked him to provide protection for the red shirts during their demonstrations in Bangkok.
During the protest Seh Daeng had a serious disagreement with the mob leaders concerning the safety of demonstrators. Despite his concern, based on his military and strategic experience, he was labelled by one of the red shirt leaders, Jatuporn Promphan, as “a decomposed dead dog”.
Seh Daeng, no matter what we think about him, is now being used by some politicians as a martyr and a supporter of their ”heroism”. Fair-minded Thai voters should be aware of this hypocrisy.

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