Use your brain to create the constitution


From Thairath, May 28, 2015
Title: You said most Thai people use only a little of their brain. Thus, you guys please use a lot of your brain.
Constitution Drafting Committee Chairman Bowornsak Uwanno: Use for 100 years without being terminated [meaning that the men are thinking of ways to preserve military power for a very long time]
On his tie: NRC
A sign close to him: Constitution Drafting Committee
PM Prayuth at right: Use for 100 years without termination
On the constitution in the middle: Reform version
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Think carefully
Mouse: Solve the problem as people wish
[Refers to the draft constitution reated by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) chaired by Bowornsak Uwanno. The cartoon illustrates the concern over the draft constitution which has been criticized by various groups. Most of the CDC members comes from the National Reform Council (NRC), the junta.]

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