US-Thai military exercise ‘will be double standard’

US-Thai military exercise 'will be double standard' - The Nation, January 15, 2007
The public should keep an eye on whether the United States adopts a double standard in dealing with the Thai military junta vis-เ-vis the Burmese junta, said political scientist Surachat Bamrungsuk of Chulalongkorn University.
If the US decides to go ahead with the Cobra Gold joint military exercise with Thailand, it would be tantamount to being lenient towards the junta, said Surachat, an expert on the Thai military...
Pornphimon Trichoke, a Chulalongkorn University re-searcher and an expert on Burma, said there was no hope of seeing civilian rule there in the next 20 years, until its huge natural gas reserves run out. "It's far-fetched and I don't think I will see it during my lifetime," he said.
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