US slams junta: Impeachment “politically driven,” Yingluck targeted while democracy interrupted

US: Impeachment ‘politically driven’ – The Nation, January 27, 2015
…”I’ll be blunt here: When an elected leader is deposed, impeached by the authorities that implemented the coup, and then targeted with criminal charges while basic democratic processes and institutions are interrupted, the international community is left with the impression that these steps could be politically driven”…

Reform bars Pheu Thai, says Yingluck – Bangkok Post, January 27, 2015
…Ms Yingluck said she wanted to see Thai democracy return but told Mr Russel that Pheu Thai was being left out of the reform process.
Mr Russel was also told that Pheu Thai did not know how the new charter would look but it suspected it may not be as democratic as hoped.
Mr Russel was quoted as saying that the impartiality of judicial institutions is important for people to have confidence in them…

Prayuth Shrugs Off ‘Snub’ By US Diplomat – Khaosod, January 27, 2015
…”Why would they come to meet me? They aren’t meeting with me because they know how I came to power,” explained Gen. Prayuth, who assumed the premiership last year after toppling an elected government in a military coup on 22 May 2014.
“Politics is politics,” he said…

Update: Prayuth blasts US envoy’s remarks, calls himself ‘democratic soldier

Update: US charge d’affaires summoned over call for the lifting of martial law which is considered an interference in the country’s internal affairs

Update: ‘What Would America Do?’ Thai Junta Asks US Envoy

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7 Responses to US slams junta: Impeachment “politically driven,” Yingluck targeted while democracy interrupted

  1. Wiz says:

    Big Too responses: Democracy not died as claimed by Yinglux but democracy is much stronger

    Note: Many Thai nettizens have condemned Uncle Sam after the case of US slams junta for another meddling as Uncle Sam asking to lift the Martial Law to allow anything goes as Ai Maew and UDD leaders want.

  2. Wiz says:

    Khun Thoesak pointing out even though Uncle Sam has come to talk with both Yinglux and Khun Mark along with Junta which will upset so many belligerent parties, those US representatives just come to protect Uncle Sam’s interests in Thailand whether they are Democrat or Republican- How about our politicians? How about our top brasses? Just wonder whether they have betrayed the oath to protect our national interests at all cost or not .

  3. Wiz says:

    Rebuttal toward Uncle Sam who are pressuring Junta to lift Martial Law while pointing out that the impeachment is political motivated –

    Thai Giant of Wat Arun telling Lady Liberty NOT to meddle into internal politics of Thailand

    After Yinglux talk and kowtow with representatives of Uncle Sam, demand for the decapitation of Yinglux and PT men grow as the way they have betrayed Motherland

  4. Wiz says:

    Big Too and MFA summonsing representative of Uncle Sam after the talk with Yinglux and Khun Mark –
    Uncle Sam it is none of your business to meddle into our own political affairs –
    Uncle Sam, Is it possible not to use Martial law to bring peace back to Thailand?\

  5. Wiz says:

    After listening to the message from Daniel Russel who pressures Junta to lift Martial Law, we, Thai people, have concluded that Uncle Sam never wants Peace in Thailand at all as they badly want PT men to be in power once again to allow them to set up permanent military bases in U-Tapao while supporting UDD men along with those anti monarchy intellectuals to overthrow Monarchy to allow Uncle Sam to turn Thailand into puppet states run by single party system to suppress Thai patriots who disagree with either PT – UDD men or Uncle Sam.

  6. Wiz says:

    Freedom House downgrading Thailand to No longer a free country? We don’t give a damn

    NLA Speaker Pornphet teaching Uncle Sam representatives all about Democracy – just elections alone not working

    Uncle Sam want to behead Thailand unless Junta has whitewashed the evil Yinglux – after IS are going to behead Japanese unless Japanese government paying ransom

    Daniel getting something in 3 days while the ex Ambassador Cristine taking a year to get

    Suan Dusit Poll showing that Uncle Sam does not have deep understanding why we do need martial laws

    Even Choowit has reminded Yankee that our society is a society of “Forbidden” as stated by MR Kukrit

    Khun Panithan pointing out that Ai Maew is a mastermind behind the US pressure on Thailand

    Choowit Pointing out that Thai Democracy is far more byzantine than those Uncle Sam men could think about

    Thai Martial law vs American meddling

    Ai Maew going to use American Eagle for World Encircling Thailand strategy – no longer need UDD Buffalo

  7. Wiz says:

    Appealing from PDRC to Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam, you have fleets of aircraft carriers but we have our motherland to protect
    Uncle Sam, you have power to occupy but we have moral to follow
    Uncle Sam, you have supported the bullies like Ai Maew & PT-UDD leaders but we keep fighting against them
    Uncle Sam, you have followed your own selfish interests as your guides but we look for spiritual highness
    Uncle Sam, you have run smear campaign against your own friends who happened not to agree with your policies
    Uncle Sam, you have claimed that you are fighting for Democracy but sooner or later you will hear our whistles
    Uncle Sam, No more supports for the crooks like Ai Maew – No more safety nets for those Anti Monarchy who used USA and borrow your hands to attack our motherland
    Uncle Sam, No more supports for Thaksin regime or we have to terminate our relationship!

    Uncle Sam, if you no longer call corruption as Democracy we can become a friend once again

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