US democracy standard


From Thairath, February 18, 2016
Left, Obama: You must arrange the election by the road map you have announced in order to have the same standard as US democracy.
Middle, Prayuth: What is the US democracy standard?
Right, Obama: Give freedom to the person who is involved in… the corruption case, dethroning the royal institution case, and the sabotage case… who came into my country. [meaning the junta should allow Thaksin to return and absolve himself of past alleged wrongdoing]

[This shows a certain Thai viewpoint towards foreign calls for elections. Since quick elections would return a Thaksin-directed party to power, which would then entail a new round of attempts at amnesty for him, it is thought preferable to delay elections to slowly sap Thaksin’s ability to influence political events.]

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2 Responses to US democracy standard

  1. Stephen says:

    What does it say under Prayuth in the last panel?

  2. Editor says:

    Sorry, we missed that. It say that Teacher Virat Baanpong submitted this idea. Often cartoonists will use ideas submitted by readers for their cartoons and then credit them in the last panel.

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