The Pitak Siam Anti-Government Protest

The background to what is going on: Analysis: Fears Boil Over for Anti-Government Rally

61 injured,130 protesters arrested – Bangkok Post, November 24, 2012

5:20pm – Protest called off
Gen Boonlert has announced the end of the Pitak Siam rally, in order “to save lives and energy” for future protests.

Live TV coverage of the Bangkok anti-government rally online

Video of protesters slowly driving a truck into police lines and getting tear gassed

Only in Thailand: Cobras released at rally site apparently to deter protest

Tensions flare, dozens detained at political rally in Bangkok – AFP, November 24, 2012

Security camera video of protesters trying to break through barbed wire – November 24, 2012

Video of tear gas using against protesters in Bangkok – November 24, 2012

Above: Not sure if the ghost writers of Robert Amsterdam’s blog realize that the man on the right toasting Pitak Siam leader General Boonlert is Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung. Chalerm also spearheaded the government move to put the Internal Security Act in force.

Robert Amsterdam warns of coup, protest is about opposing democracy – November 23, 2012

NSC chief says teargas firing not use of force – The Nation, November 24, 2012
[The headline is a bit deceptive–it is “excessive force” not just “force.”]
…Paradorn said police simply tried to put the rally in order by having the protesters join the demonstration through the roads prepared as their passages…

From the foreign press: Thai police teargas political rally

Will General Boonlert “Do a ‘weng’?”
In 2010 Red Shirt leader Weng Tojirakarn kept insisting up to 20 million Red Shirts were in Bangkok protesting. This was widely ridiculed and led to a slang term–“doing a weng”–meaning to tell a big lie. More: The Red Shirt Million Man March in 2010

Four protesters wounded from tear gas, 132 detained – The Nation, November 24, 2012

Police fire tear gas at protesters – The Nation, November 24, 2012
[From most reports it seems tear gas canisters were thrown, rather than “fired.” The government must be wary of another Black October 2008 when a clumsy police attempt to stop the PAD from barricading parliament resulted in some hideous injuries.]

Tear gas thrown at protesters – Bangkok Post, November 24, 2012
…Police decided to fire the tear gas after the demonstrators tried to break through barricades at Makkawan bridge on Ratchadamneon Avenue, TNN reported.
No injuries were reported from the clash, TNN said… Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

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