Uprooting the poisonous tree of the coup d’etat

Uprooting the poisonous tree of the coup d’etat – The Nation, November 23, 2011
…There’s no doubt that coups have long stunted Thai democracy – a “cure” worse than the disease of corruption – and we should do well to follow the advice in Palasa Jataka: “Wise men abhor the parasitic thing; That chokes the form to which it loves to cling; The wise, suspecting danger from the weed; Destroy the root before it comes to seed…”

Thailand’s Government Staggers – asiasentinel.com, November 22, 2011
…The floods have allowed military to rebuild its image after it delivered the crackdown on the 2010 protesters. They have been photographed conspicuously taking the lead in evacuating flooded regions and delivering aid, some of them wearing uniforms with the word’s “King’s Guard” while conducting rescue operations. They have been the de facto rulers of the country since a 1932 coup that took away the absolute power of the monarchy. They appear to be taking back some of that authority. A Pheu Thai plan to establish greater civilian control over the military is probably not in the cards. It is equally unlikely that any military officers will be held accountable for the shooting of the protesters in 2010.

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