“Unrelated” suicide vest shown during a junta broadcast, police warn people not to share the photo


Above: Photo of “unrelated” suicide vest shown during a junta broadcast announcing an arrest in the recent Bangkok bombings

Thai junta broadcast unrelated suicide vest picture – The Nation, August 30, 2015
Thailand’s junta came under scrutiny Sunday after mistakenly showing an unrelated picture of a suicide vest during a nationally televised broadcast announcing the arrest of a foreign man in connection with last week’s deadly Bangkok shrine bombing.
In an embarrassing u-turn officials later said the vest was not among the items found at the suspect’s flat and warned people not to share the shot online.
…”The picture has nothing to do with the bombing. It is not official,” police wrote on their Twitter account @PoliceSpokesmen.
“We would like to ask people who published that picture to stop their actions because it might bring concern to society and it could be in breach of computer legislation,” they added in another tweet…

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