Unprepared to arrest

From Thairath, May 20, 2014
Cartoon title: Police officers of Sarkhan Country
Left: [Prepared] To arrest a 70-year-old Indian who reveres the monarchy!
[The Indian is Sathit Segal who was from targeted for deportation by the Department of Special Investigation for participating in anti-Thaksin demonstrations. Sarkhan probably refers to the name given to Thailand in the book The Ugly American. This shows how heavily armed and highly trained men from the DSI are ready to do the will of Thaksin to protect the present government.]
Right: [Prepared] To arrest Thai men armed with heavy weapons charged with contempt against the monarchy!
[This represents rural police officers, who are portrayed as ignorant hillbillies who are unenthusiastic about arresting those who attack the monarchy–in this case the Red Shirts who openly displayed their weapons and threatened violence during the 2009 and 2010 sieges of Bangkok.]

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