Unknown as Pheu Thai’s PM pick

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Chadchart tipped as Pheu Thai’s PM pick – Bangkok Post, January 25, 2018

[In an apparent bid to sideline the more popular and independent Sudarat, an unknown has been tapped as the Pheu Thai’s PM pick… and it is rumored that the government is rushing to start probes probes to disqualify him. It is also interesting to note that, he was once a meme.]

…A survey by the party showed Pheu Thai would win more seats if Mr Chadchart, who is popular with a sizeable segment of social media users, was listed as a prime ministerial candidate.
Mr Chadchart is still an unknown to most voters, and gained only 7% in the latest Nida Poll announced Sunday. It is designed to measure the popularity of current candidates…

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Also this week’s news magazines which all contrast the junta and Thaksin on their covers.

Why Suthep, Prayut slowly drifted apart – The Nation, January 25, 2018

…The veteran politician, meanwhile, appears to be in a difficult position – suffering from an image problem and being criticised for going back on his word about staying away from politics.
Maybe Suthep is among the people waiting patiently to get even with General Prayut.

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