Unity or disunity?

From Komchadluek, April 30, 2014
Billboard: Harmony of the people in the country. Unity.

[Unity is traditionally the highest value in Thai society. Issues that are uppermost in other nations–like freedom to say anything no matter who it offends–take a back seat to calls for discretion in dealing with others. This means protest, as opposed to being a laudable element of a democratic society, is looked on as shameful. Thai protests only occur to create an expression that things have gone too far and that normal, acceptable modes of self-expression have been discarded.
Compromises that restore unity and harmony are desirable even over fairness or adherence to rules and laws. This can feel disorienting, non-commonsensical, and unfair to those outside of the Thai worldview.
Thus, this cartoon expresses the view of the current political situation from a Thai perspective–that people are being indifferent to the harmony and unity of the country by acting in a thoughtless manner.]

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