Unintentionally encroached?


An image circulated on social media:
[Blue] Good people? Survives again because he didn’t have any intention–only just daydreaming.
[Yellow] Unintentionally encroached? Kirimaya-Moondance [names of property companies]
[White] Thanat Thanakitamnuay. The land of 1,600 rai unintentionally acquired
[Yellow] Although you’re cheating, a good man has [never] acted intentionally.
At left corner: Stop pretending, Thailand

[Refers to the investigation of the illegal acquisition of land by Kirimaya and Moondance properties in Khao Yai–companies controlled by Thanat Thanakitamnuay. After investigating, the accusation was dismissed. It is alleged that the investigation was dropped to help Thanat Thanakitamnuay (pictured), a known supporter of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee that fought against Yingluck’s government.]

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3 Responses to Unintentionally encroached?

  1. Jobbo says:

    You should also give some more context; i.e. the Facebook group that’s the originator of this particular image.

  2. Wiz says:

    Okay, this has been churned out from UDD propaganda mouthpiece who show opened belligerence toward those PDRC as well as those middle class who have been considered as their class enemies despite of the fact they are acting more like lumpen proletariat – social dregs without doubt.

  3. Patrick Henry says:

    This illustrates the hypocrisy of the PDRC movement. And c’mon, an anti-corruption group led by Suthep Thaugsuban? That is funny.

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