Uniforms are Abuse

From Manager, December 3, 2020
Man: Madam Somporn, your son said… wearing a uniform is abuse…
Caption: Which company has a uniform?… [Then] resign.

[This cartoon refers to the call from the student-led protest to ban student uniforms and ridicules former Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn.
Thanathorn is a billionaire and heir to the Thai Summit auto parts empire. He started the Future Forward Party and led it to a surprising victory in the last elections before it was disbanded by the courts.
Earlier in 2020, after the party was disbanded, its executives announced their own Thaksin-style angry protests (“If we burn, you will burn with us”), but these were unavoidably stalled by the pandemic.
Many, like this cartoonist, believe that the well-organized and funded rounds of current student protests are being managed by former executives of the Future Forward Party.
His mother, Somporn, is the CEO of Thai Summit and a well-known figure, particularly as she was involved in the controversy over exactly when Thanathorn transferred his shares in a media company to her–either before he registered as a candidate or just before the election. This led to his disbarment as MP and to the dissolution of the party.
The cartoonist jokes that legions of Thai Summit workers are required to wear uniforms. If they were to follow Thanathorn’s philosophy, they should ditch their uniforms too.]

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