Unfair MOU

From Thairath, January 28, 2017
Title: The judge is neutral… no conflict with anyone else?
On the document being held by the “judge” who is actual a military man representing the ruling junta: MOU of harmony.
On the man who is being beaten: Democracy
On the hammer: Big power
Mouse man: Join in together to play outside of rules.
Mouse: Playing a harmony game.

[This criticizes the junta’s push to have all opposing political factions sign a memorandum of understanding that will outlaw further political conflicts including attempts to occupy Bangkok.
The cartoonist contends that the MOU is an unfair collusion between the military and groups who oppose Thaksin and his Red Shirts.
Those anti-Thaksin groups are represented in the cartoon by a protester with a whistle and hammer. These groups attempted to disrupt snap elections that the former Pheu Thai government called to legitimize its rewriting of the constitution to allow Thaksin to return to power from his exile abroad.]

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