Unfair to Thaksin

From Thairath, April 4, 2017
Title: Wickedness across the world.
Top left sign: Forcing to pay taxes, focusing confiscation [referring to judgements against Thaksin assets]
On Prayuth’s sword: Section 44.
Prayuth says: Must respect the law.
Man pointing at Thaksin: Thai people stay under the same law. [must obey the same laws]
Man next to pointing man: Independent organizations act following flag. [meaning something like organizations act according to instructions they receive to attack Thaksin]
On sign held middle man: Law enforcing with two standards. [meaning that laws are applied for strictly to Thaksin as opposed to others]
Sign at right bottom: If you think you are not guilty, why are you afraid?
Thaksin: I am afraid of the MIRACLE of law. [referring to the turn of phrase the junta used to levy a crippling tax judgement against Thaksin]
On paper he holds: We stop, but you guys never did. [meaning Thaksin has been innocently going about his business overseas and not intervening in Thai affairs, but those who oppose him still attack]
Mouse man: Call it my law.
Mouse: Sabotaging tools.

[This shows a key pro-Thaksin sympathy position–that Thaksin is being unfairly targeted by the authorities over the years despite him not being involved in Thai politics at all.]

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