Positive Thinking

From Thairath, November 6, 2011
Cartoon reads: Positive Thinking
Top left: The dining atmosphere is not much different than in the Maldives!
Top middle: It’s not necessary to worry that dogs will tinkle on alloy wheels!
Top right: There’s opportunity to eat along the water flow! [This is a Thai idiom that means: “Corruption opportunities predominate.” It refers to officials’ acceptance of presents despite not having asked for them.]
Bottom left: It’s not necessary to go to the zoo since the zoo will come to us!
Bottom middle: Thais’ goodwill response has been so overwhelming that Froc can’t distribute donated goods! Sign on the submerged pile: Donated goods [referring to the piles of relief supplies abandoned at Don Muang]
Bottom right: We are fortunate to have genius politicians rescue the country after the flood! The man is thinking: New Thailand — 800 billion baht! [this refers to the massive spending the government has promised to recover from the flooding]

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