Under the coconut shell

From Naewna, March 24, 2017
Left, Netiwit: I am against military conscription and apply for postponement.
Middle: I will fight for the rights of the future of the country where I don’t want [to stay in]
Right: I want to serve the country where I don’t want [to stay in as is evidenced] by my actions..!!
Caption: Don’t need to fight or serve anything. Just exile yourself from this country which is too narrow for you.
Caption: Mr Netiwit, meanwhile, said yesterday he would not report for military conscription. “If I entered the army as a soldier, I would be trampled to death,” he said, adding he disagrees with military conscription…
On his shirt: Netiwit

[Refers to student activist Netiwit Chotiphatphatisal, who has persistently criticized the junta and the educational system.
He recently announced that he would not enter the army because he’s afraid of death (actually being killed). So, he would apply for the postponement. However, the army insisted that he could not hide from serving in the military and ensured his safety to relieve his concerns.
The coconut shell (“kala”) refers to what anti-military groups calls people who support the military as “Kala Land” meaning people who live in a small world. The idea is that they think they know everything but, in fact, they have a limited perspective.]

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