Under Control

From Thairath, March 17, 2012
The cartoon title: Under control

Upper left: [The government] is using its own flank to rub something! [This is an idiom that refers to an unreasonable action.] On the TV: Nothing’s expensive. The opposition just says it is in order to play political games. [referring to the rapid rise of the prices of many basic items]

Upper middle: [She] keeps listening to sin sae [Chinese fortune tellers/wise men] and correcting Government House’s feng shui! [Referring to the landscaping of the government house area undertaken by Yingluck to establish proper luck for the government. The government denies this, but every government since the Thai Rak Thai years has tinkered with landscaping at government house to improve their luck.]

Upper right: [He] hides garbage [country’s debt?] under a rug! [The person is Kittirat Na Ranong, Deputy PM and Finance Minister. This refers to the government plan to shift government debt to the central bank to allow more borrowing.] The rug reads: Bank of Thailand

Lower left: [He] keeps using special methods for government procurement!

Lower middle: [Political officials] keep oppressing regular officials! [referring to the removal of permanent government officials with Thaksin loyalists]

Lower right: [He] keeps planning to bring Thaksin back! [The man is Chalerm Yoobamrung.]

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