10 years after the first anti-Thaksin coup, it is still the same


From Thairath, September 21, 2016
On legs from left to right: Injustice, (not) independent agencies, NLA+NRSA [National Legislative Assembly and the National Reform Steering Assembly–the appointed junta bodies]
Men from left to right: UDD [United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship, the Red Shirts], Red Shirts, PTP [the Pheu Thai Party], former MPs
On the paper: Dissolution of the party, charging, removing
Phi Nooring: [They] Only destroy one side
Mouse: Sadism system
Caption: From the coup in 19 Sep 49 [2006]. 10 years passed and it is still the same.

[The cartoon implies that the political situation in Thailand is still the same since the original anti-Thaksin coup on September 19, 2006 because Thaksin-connected people and organizations are still under fire from the military.]

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