Under a new skirt


From Manager, February 10, 2016
Caption: go under another skirt.
Left, Yingluck: Oh…P’ Sin…?!!
Sudarat: Ah

[“Hiding under his wife’s skirt” or “hide behind her blouse” is a Thai idiom that means shielding oneself with the support of a powerful female. This is insulting to the man as it implies he is weak.
Here it shows how Yingluck has been abandoned by Thaksin as the head of his party and the focus of political power has shifted to former Pheu Thai MP Sudarat.
Such a move is risky for Thaksin as Sudarat has her own political faction and might be tempted to come to power on Thaksin’s coattails, but then drag her feet on pushing for a charter rewrite to return him to power.
Thaksin’s former appointees were either family members (Somchai, Yingluck) or washed up and isolated politicians with dreams of finally becoming PM (Samak).]

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