Uncle Sam: Hold elections now!

From Post Today, June 2, 2014
Uncle Sam says: Holding an election within 15 months is too long for democracy. Thailand must hold an election immediately.
Caption: Thailand’s power seizing vs the world’s power seizing
[Man on the left is Gen. Prayuth Chan0ocha, head of the National Council for Peace and Order. This cartoon represents the general anti-American sentiment among coup supporters that has grown since the coup was declared. More here: Is the United States the puppet master?]

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One Response to Uncle Sam: Hold elections now!

  1. Wiz says:

    Khun Dee Nitiphongse Hornark Mockery toward some stupid Yankee

    Those who disagree with Khun Dee but to be fair it is the thing we DO have

    New balance of relationship with Uncle Sam and EU after their meddling – we are no longer a weak and a sick Siam of Paknam Crisis in 1893

    National dignity – our own interests come first – Uncle Sam interests and EU interests are second – no longer give a damn to the demands from Uncle Sam and EU

    We will have the nation of our own if we can say NO to Farang!

    Some did mock the quote above

    We can sell our stuffs to Mainland China and Russia if Yankee and EU reject us
    If you refuse to invite us, we will joint with Russia and Mainland China –
    If you withdraw your investment – take that goddamned Big Oil out of our PTT so we can get right prices of fuel for us
    You can no longer suppress us any more!!! You are not our father!

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