Uncle Sam and the leftists


From Manager, October 9, 2016
Uncle Sam at left: Those University students are Chinese and Russian communists… you must handle them.
Left caption: Role of American on 6 October 1976.
Uncle Sam at right: Those soldiers are Chinese and Russian communists… you must go against them.
Right caption: Role of American today.
Sign: Thamasart University.

[This illustrates that idea that, as a pawn in the Indochinese conflict in the 1960s and 1970s, Thailand was urged by major powers like the Americans to crack down on the increasingly leftist and revolutionary activity of the Thai public in the years after the 1973 revolution. Thai culminated in a decisive right-wing crackdown on Thailand’s leftists on October 6, 1976.
The cartoonist contends this is a contrast to today, when U.S. policy seems to be friendly towards republican Red Shirts who oppose the military that the U.S. once sided with.]

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