Uncle Kamnan lost his job

From Manager, July 17, 2014
Left: Uncle Kamnan
Caption: Deserved his position as Uncle…
Middle: Uncle Too
Caption: … but it was stolen by this man
Right: Monk Uncle Kamnan
Caption: …so he comes up with a new position

[Refers to Suthep, known as “Uncle Kamnan,” by the anti-Yingluck protest group the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) and Gen. Prayuth, whose nickname is “Too.” The cartoon ridicules the apparent aspirations of Suthep who, during the course of protests against the Yingluck government, appeared to want to seize leadership of the nation. Gen. Prayuth did so instead and sidelined Suthep. Then, Suthep entered monkshood at a temple in his hometown in the style of previous contentious political figures who wished for a clean political slate.]

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